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I am a Democrat. I am a workaholic. I am not a morning person.
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nevanimal shelter

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Top 10 PLL Ships as voted by my followers → #7 (2/2): Spencer & Hanna
I would not have said it like that, but Hanna’s right.” “I love when you say that.”

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story time!! my dad's friend knows all the european football managers as he used to be one and my dad once got to meet Neymar and my dad knows full portugese because his father was from Brazil and my dad and neymar were able to have a full conversation and my dad kept telling me how neymar was one of the nicest and most humble footballers he had ever met xx



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aw man feel like shit tonight. i dont know if i have a cold or its crazy ass hayfever! oh and when i cough, it sounds like a goose honking..


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no its not even funny anymore, im so inlove with nev and max. IM IN TOO DEEP AND CANT TURN BACK NOW

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You always stand up. - Sarah Rogers

Feeling very Aria today!